Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Colors: What’s Trending In 2023

Are you looking for modern kitchen cabinets? Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s where so much of our life happens, regardless of the size or age of our family.  What you might NOT know, is that kitchen styles change every 10-15 years.  So, when deciding to remodel your kitchen, you want to be sure you’ve taken everything into consideration – from the latest appliance options to the most modern kitchen cabinet color to make sure your remodel is as in style as possible for as long as possible!  We’ve put together our recommendations for modern kitchen cabinet colors for 2023 and hope this helps you as you start to plan your fabulous new kitchen.  


Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors 

White Shaker cabinets – they’re getting a little softer 

  • A white or creamy white shaker cabinet will NEVER go out of style.  This year we’re going with softer whites and toning down the “all-white look”.  Our favorite look is a heavily veined marble/quartz countertop with a slabbed backsplash, hardwood floors, and hardware or appliances with a little color.  
  • Note: Consider Inset Cabinetry – this classic, traditional look is timeless and elegant. 


Light to Medium Wood Cabinets are back in style 

  • If you’re a fan of the mid-century modern style then you’re in luck because Walnut Cabinets are trending in 2023.  Don’t worry about which way the grain goes and consider a natural walnut without a stain.  We like this with a white quartz or quartzite countertop and a clean lines backsplash. 
  • Washed Oak Cabinets are a more transitional look that’s trending in 2023 and we recommend that you bring some of this warm, soft color into your kitchen even if it’s not utilized for the all cabinetry:  the island, floating shelves, furniture range hood, or bar cabinetry are all beautiful places for your washed oak elements. 


Neutral Cabinet Colors are A Safe and Cozy Choice 

  • Mushroom-colored cabinets, taupes, and soft greys are trending in 2023.  They create a warm, homey feel in your kitchen that will make you never want to leave.  Contrast the warms with some cool tones by choosing Matte White appliances and light countertops and backsplash.  Include open shelving and some fun accent pieces and you’ll have a modern kitchen that feels like home.  


Ocean Blue and Green Cabinets are Trending 

  • A huge trend in 2023 is bringing coastal elements into your home.  This means lighter floors, lighter shelving, light countertops and hardware, and modern blue and green cabinets.  Our favorite line of cabinets, Woodland Cabinetry, will customize cabinet colors to bring you the perfect shade of blue or green to give your kitchen remodel just the right mood.   


One last word of advice as you set out to find just the right cabinet color for your new modern kitchen – make sure you pick what YOU like!  There are so many great choices when it comes to cabinets and cabinet colors that you simply can’t go wrong.