What to expect when you’re expecting [a home renovation]

Trust me. If you’re prepared for a renovation, it will go smoother. You don’t want to be the person scrambling eggs, boxing cookbooks, and staring at a sink full of dirty dishes just minutes before the carpenter arrives. Here’s a few tips for getting yourself physically and mentally prepared:

  1. Talk to your family about what to expect and what your expectations are for members – it may be preparing for construction noise and dust or defining new entrances to your home or certain rooms or a shoes-off zone.
  2. Remove clutter and box up what you won’t need during the renovation process – start a few days ahead of time to avoid last-minute hustle.
  3. Set up alternative living spaces – if your kitchen will be under construction, make a temporary set up in your basement with hot plates, a microwave, crockpot and dishware.
  4. If there are parts of the process you promised to do yourself before the contractors arrive, make sure it’s done in time – you don’t want to be the one responsible for schedules getting off track.
  5. Take a deep breath. You’ll get through it!