Tri-level homes are everywhere, they’re affordable and they have a lot of great features – many have walk out basements, the bedrooms are separated from the living space, but…..they’re outdated!  Follow Kendall Design Build as we team up with the Holmen family to modernize their out of date tri-level home in Bloomfield Hills.

After the kids were allowed to FINALLY draw pictures on the wall, this happy homeowner takes the first swing. 


Demolition – s *** just got real! After three days of heavy demolition, the Holmen family can see the whole skeleton of their main floor.  The next phase will be a complete re-build of the structure from the top down!


Time to pick the floor color!

After matching the planking from the original floor plan and continuing it on throughout the Holmen home, it’s time to pick the stain color. Consider sunlight when picking your colors. Natural light can change the appearance throughout the day. UV rays can also change the color as it ages. (You can limit the sun’s exposure with window treatments.) 

Sample your choices on the floor and set your furniture near so you can picture how it will look with your decor.  Lighter colors will make the room appear larger, while darker colors can make the room seem smaller, but adds sophistication.

It’s looking more like a kitchen every day!  Soon these lucky boys will have an amazing space to study, learn and dine virtually!

The floors turned out amazing!  We ended up blending two colors to make this beautiful hue.  It’s a big space, but once the furniture and window treatments are in things will start to warm up.  Hard wood floors can be noisy, so choose different types of furniture; sofas, armchairs and sectionals can soak up some of that noise. Decorating with fabrics, upholstery and throw rugs can also help with the noise level.

Next up, cabinet installation.

Electric complete and drywall patched, it’s time to install the cabinets.  We chose Welborn cabinetry and are custom building the island. So exciting to see the day to day transformations.  

Almost done! The crews are working on the final carpentry and finish work and the homeowners are anxious to start living in their beautiful new space. In two weeks we’ll have a finished product that’s a dream come true!

And we are done! Absolutely stunning and worth the wait.  Updated and luxurious, while being functional and practical.  The team did an amazing job and the client was lovely.  Like we said before: A finished product that’s a dream come true!